STEP 1- Make sure the firearm is SAFE, CLEAR and UNLOADED. Visually and tactilely make sure that the chamber and magazine are clear and there is no live ammunition in the firearm or magazines.

STEP 2- With the slide locked to the rear, insert BarrelBlok™ through the open ejection port and into the chamber. If the tip gets hung up on the inside of the chamber, bend BarrelBlok™ upwards for a moment and then lower it to insert into the barrel. DO NOT force BarrelBlok™ into the firearm.


STEP 3- Carefully push BarrelBlok™ as far into the chamber as you can with your finger. You will feel some slight resistance as the curved neck enters into the chamber. The tip of the BarrelBlok™ will start to protrude from the muzzle. Make sure that the back of the BarrelBlok™ is resting inside the chamber.

STEP 4- Release the slide as you normally would when charging a firearm. The slide should be allowed to slam into battery. Once the slide is in battery, lock it back in the open position.

STEP 5- For training, the tip should be trimmed so that you have approximately 1" is protruding from the muzzle. Count the number of desired 1/2" incremental segments you want to cut off and mark it. Trim BarrelBlok™ to the desired length. NOTE- Measure twice and cut once!


STEP 6- Insert the MagBlok™ devices into the empty magazines with the channel pointing upward in the same direction as the opening on the top of the magazine.

STEP 7- Insert the magazine into the firearm and slowing release the slide to make sure everything is lined up properly. The slide should move freely back and forth with no interference. 

Removing BarrelBlok™- To remove BarrelBlok™ from your pistol, lock the slide to the rear and with the muzzle pointed up the 12 o'clock position, sharply tap the tip so that the chamber plug falls into the open ejection port. Carefully reach into the ejection port and remove BarrelBlok™. If the chamber plug gets rotated down into the magazine well, use your finger to push BarrelBlok™ back into the chamber slightly and twist the tip on the muzzle side one-half turn. Then, holding it at the 12 o'clock position, tap the tip again. NOTE- Please be safe with removing BarrelBlok™. If you meet any resistance when removing, use a hard surface instead of your hand to remove.