BarrelBlok™ was originally developed for exclusive use in the D.R.A.W. School firearms training program. The D.R.A.W. School curriculum required that both instructors and students be able to train with their issued firearm in a safe manner without having to disassemble their firearm. To increase the realism of training and prevent the introduction of training scars, the curriculum required that the full, unimpeded mechanical functionality of the firearm be maintained, even with the firearm in a safe state. No products were found that could accomplish both objectives. Almost all products at the time required that the firearm be disassembled to use. This lack of an adequate training tool began the careful development of what became BarrelBlok™.



During the development of BarrelBlok™, there were a number of design criteria that had to be met. First and foremost, the device had to ensure absolutely safety and prevent any round from being chambered in the firearm. Second, the device would have to serve as a visual indicator that the firearm was safe and clear. Third, the device had to serve as a clearance indicator for proper draw height from a holster during training. Fourth, the device had to prevent the firearm from going into battery if the slide was not fully actuated when simulating charging of the firearm. Fifth, for dry-fire training, the device would have to provide a strike face for the firing pin to contact with each trigger pull. Sixth, the magazine follower had to be disengaged to prevent “slide lock” when training with an empty magazine. Finally, every single mechanical function had to be preserved, while also being able to duplicate any type of malfunction and/or malfunction clearance exercise.



Meeting these design criteria was no small task. After eleven months of development, multiple designs and many modifications, the development of BarrelBlok™ represents the single greatest advance in safe, effective and realistic firearm training in decades! In fact, BarrelBlok™ was so popular and effective in D.R.A.W. School training that the decision was made to release it to the commercial market for everyone to use. There simply is not an easier, more effective way to train with YOUR firearm in a SAFE manner while maintaining ALL mechanical functions for REALISTIC firearms training.