How Is BarrelBlok Different From Other Products?

We are asked frequently how BarrelBlok is different from other firearms safety and training products on the market. In this edition of The Blok Blog, we break down the differences of several training products and what makes BarrelBlok the ultimate tool for firearms safety and training.

Preventing Negligent Discharges

Without proper precautions taken in all aspects of firearms training, accidents can and will happen. With the training and safety aids available today, there is no excuse for having a negligent discharge, especially in a classroom environment. BarrelBlok leads the way with making firearms training safe an realistic. 

Post-Course Instructor Liability

Can an instructor incur potential legal liability for the unsafe handling of a firearm by their student after they leave their class? While the possibility does exist, instructors should proactively insure absolute firearms safety and encourage their students to do the same after they leave their class to prevent or limit the potential for legal liability. Students should be encouraged to duplicate a safe training environment at home.

Fox Business News Features BarrelBlok

Fox Business News aired a full segment on how BarrelBlok is making firearms training safe and realistic. The segment explores several high-profile occurrences of negligent discharges where individuals were killed and how BarrelBlok can help to prevent such tragic situations. Hear from former special operations instructors, NRA Instructors and civilians on how BarrelBlok is changing the way gun owners train with their firearm.