RifleBlok™ was engineered to bring the same level of simplicity and training realism to rifles and carbines. Training with a rifle presents its own unique challenges and RifleBlok™ is designed to realistically duplicate each function of a rifle in a safe, realistic manner. There are several features that have been built into the RifleBlok™ 556 that make it the safest, most realistic training tool on the market for rifles chambered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO.

1. Safe and Simple- Starting with safety, RifleBlok™ inserts through the open ejection port and into the barrel and chamber, effectively "blocking the barrel" and preventing a live cartridge from being chambered. You DO NOT have to disassemble your rifle to use RifleBlok™. NOTE- Depending on the rifling in the bore, if you meet any resistance when inserting RifleBlok™ 556, twist it in the same direction as the rifling to insert.  

2.) Visual Indicator- The easy-to-see tip protrudes from the muzzle allowing everyone to see that the rifle is safe. This tip can be trimmed to the desired length. BarrelBlok™ recommends trimming the RifleBlok™ to about 4 inches. RifleBlok™ fits barrels lengths up to 21".

3.) Strike Face- The  The back of the RifleBlok™ features a Strike Face for the firing pin to contact when conducting dry-fire training drills. The firing pin in an AR-platform is free floating and the Strike face prevents excessive movement of the firing pin during exercises without harming it. 

4.) Out-of-Battery Indicator- The back of the RifleBlok™ features an Extractor Ramp that will safely engage the extractor and prevent the firearm from going into battery if the rifle is not fully charged. This helps the user to fully pull the charging handle all the way back and release it. It also helps the use to set up scenarios where they can train by using the Forward Assist on the rifle.  

5.) Curved Neck- The curved neck aids in the easy insertion and removal of RifleBlok™ from your rifle.

6.) MagBlok™ 556- All RifleBlok™ 556 products come with three (3) MagBlok™ 556 devices that trick the rifle into thinking it has a loaded magazine. This prevents the bolt from locking to the rear when training with an empty magazine in the rifle. Now any type of training scenario or malfunction drill can set up and duplicated exactly like they would happen in the real world. 


Patent Pending - Made in the USA