BarrelBlok Is The Top Training Tool Among Law Enforcement In America

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BarrelBlok was designed for law enforcement training. The founder and designer of BarrelBlok needed a safe way to work with officers both in the classroom and on the range.

In LEO contexts the BarrelBlok is the perfect solution:

  • With a very low-cost BarrelBlok fits any budget
  • No disassembly is required to install or remove
  • Renders the firearm 100% inert and safe
  • With the included MagBlok, allows for standard manipulations such as loading, chambering, dry firing, reloads, and malfunction clearing

BarrelBlok is the perfect training aid to ensure safe and realistic firearm manipulation and dry fire for training academies and other law enforcement contexts.



Increase skills without increasing the budget.

More is expected from today's law enforcement agencies and officers but budgets aren't growing to meet the demand.

With Dry Fire, agencies are finding they can help officers meet qualification standards without spending money they don't have on ammunition and range time.


The BarrelBlok / MagBlok training system has received praise from:

American Cop Magazine

BarrelBlok Is Currently  Utilized By Law Enforcement Agencies In These States:


Utilize the BarrelBlok (available for common handgun calibers and 5.56) on the live range when first practicing new skills.

  • Build better skills faster
  • Less range fees
  • Less ammunition costs
  • 100% Safe
  • No training scars
law enforcement dry fire tool

The BarrelBlok training system was tested by multiple independent law enforcement officers as part of the National Tactical Officers Association and passed with flying colors. BarrelBlok is proud to be NTOA recommended!

Police Magazine

"Dry-fire sessions can be a highly beneficial form of firearms training; it also has their drawbacks. Dry-fire training can build unnecessary steps into a performance sequence; we call these training scars[...].

Speller defines training scars as functions an officer has to perform in a training environment that would not otherwise be duplicated in a real-world situation. "We wanted [...] to have zero training scars. This meant that every function of the firearm had to be precisely duplicated while ensuring the firearm was completely safe. There wasn't a single product on the market that could do what we needed, so we ended up designing a new training tool altogether."

The Team created a two-piece training and safety tool called BarrelBlok, which inserts into the firearm. The first part of the BarrelBlok slides into the barrel through the open ejection port and fits into the chamber. When installed, the chamber is completely blocked and a round cannot be chambered. The other end protrudes from the muzzle. This provides a positive visual indication that the firearm is safe and the tip also acts as a holster clearance indicator when drawing. This teaches officers the correct draw height so they don't under or over draw from the holster.

The other part of the BarrelBlok device resembles the shape of a cartridge and gets inserted into the top of the magazine. It "tricks" the gun's mechanical functions by replicating a magazine with live ammunition in it. The slide will not lock to the rear when fully actuated and it will not chamber the device itself. "When BarrelBlok is inserted, the firearm will maintain its full mechanical functionality just as it would when carried on duty. You simply cannot make the firearm any safer or more realistic than when using BarrelBlok," says Speller."

Police Magazine - Volume 40, Number 5 - May 2016