Dry-Fire Safety and Training

How to Set Up An Emergency Reload drill

BarrelBlok makes your Emergency Reloading Drills quick and simple. And with three (3) MagBlok magazine inserts, you can work through multiple reloading drills without having to reset your drill. Watch this brief video to learn how to easily set up this important drill. 

How to set up an out-of-battery Malfunction Drill

Sometimes after firing the slide doesn't quite make it all the way into battery. When this happens, your trigger is dead and your handgun doesn't go bang! Here is how to set up and practice clearing an out-of-battery malfunction.

How to set up a Failure-to-fire malfunction drill

When you want a "bang" and all you get is a "click," taking quick, decisive action to clear this Type-1 malfunction will get you up and running quickly! Learn how to set up and run failure-to-fire malfunction drills. 

How to set up a stovepipe malfunction drill

When your handgun catches empty brass and prevents the slide from going forward into batter, you have a stovepipe. This video shows you how to clear stovepipes quickly and get your handgun back on target.

How to set up a double-feed malfunction drill

Double-feed malfunctions can be terrifying to deal with, especially under pressure. However, BarrelBlok lets you practice clearing these Type-3 malfunctions just like you would if you were on the range or in a real world situation. This video show you how to set up a double-feed malfunction and practice clearing it.

Official Training PArtner- D.R.A.W. Academy

D.R.A.W. Academy is the most comprehensive, instructor-led, online firearms training available! BarrelBlok and D.R.A.W. Academy have teamed up to offer this one-of-a-kind training to you. Watch the video below and then visit www.Draw-Acadey.com for more information!