BarrelBlok Inventor Breaks Shooting Record

BarrelBlok Inventor Jason Speller breaks the national record on the 5 and 5 Officer Readiness Shooting Drill in Dallas, Texas! He shattered the previous record of 4.37 seconds by shooting the drill in 4.23 seconds! His last four shots on the second magazine went through the same hole on the target!

Costa Ludas “Great for CQB, Firearms Training and Combative’s!”

The Costa Ludus YouTube channel published a great video demo and review of BarrelBlok and RifleBlok. We respect his knowledge and experience but do feel we should point out he put the MagBlok in the handgun magazine upside down. Having the MagBlok in the gun upside down prevents it from accomplishing its designed purpose of allowing the slide to cycle without slide lock. All around a great video that points out so many positive benefits.

Live Concealed Carry Expo 2019 Interview

Rob Beckman and Matthew Maruster interview BarrelBlok co-inventor at the 2019 USCCA Concealed Carry Expo. Learn the history of BarrelBlok and what led to the development of the D.R.A.W. Academy Online Training Program.

BarrelBlok Featured On Fox Business News

This in-depth story takes a close look at negligent discharges and how BarrelBlok prevents them. Hear from a former MARSOC operator, an NRA instructor and a mother on how simple and safe BarrelBlok makes firearms training.


Firearms Trainer’s Podcast Sponsor

BarrelBlok Sponsors New Podcast!

BarrelBlok is proud to sponsor the all NEW Firearms Trainer’s Podcast, part of the Network. This new podcast was developed for firearms trainers by firearms trainers. Host Rob Beckman sits down with some of the top firearms instructors in the industry for candid conversations about what works, what doesn’t work and why. While designed for instructors, Firearms Trainer’s Podcast is a must-listen for everyone! These short 30-minute segments bring incredible insight from the leading minds in firearms training. Firearms Trainer’s Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms.

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BarrelBlok Review by blasterKRAFT

A great review and product demonstration utilizing BarrelBlok and MagBlok to guarantee a safe environment while conducting dry fire practice.

See Jays’s Full Review Of BarrelBlok

Well-known YouTube personality and law enforcement officer Jay Helmsing takes viewers through an extensive evaluation of BarrelBlok. Learn why Jay now uses BarrelBlok for his dry-fire training.