Dry-Fire Safety and Training

BarrelBlok Featured on Fox Business News

This in-depth story takes a close look at negligent discharges and how BarrelBlok prevents them. Hear from a former MARSOC operator, an NRA instructor and a mother on how simple and safe BarrelBlok makes firearms training.

BarrelBlok Featured on "Into The Fray"

Concealed Carry Magazine Editor-in-Chief and host of "Into The Fray," Kevin Michalowski, shares with viewers the ease and simplicity of using BarrelBlok to make your firearm safe for dry-fire training.

BarrelBlok Featured in USCCA's "Tactical Tuesday" Episode

Steve and Mike with the USCCA speak with BarrelBlok co-inventor Jason about BarrelBlok.

See Jay's full review of BarrelBlok

Well-known YouTube personality and law enforcement officer Jay Helmsing takes viewers through an extensive evaluation of BarrelBlok.

Live Interview With Co-Inventor of BarrelBlok

Jacob and Riley from ConcealedCarry.com conduct an in-depth interview with Jason, co-inventor of the BarrelBlok, and how and why it was developed.